Be Blessed

I am blessed.

I have family who love me so much,
I have a fiancé who care me that much,
I have future in laws who take care of me,
I have lovely friends who always be there,
I have so many many great people around me.

Recently, I am changing my career which really kind of challenging to me especially for a half sociable people. This career really grows me up a lot, be it physically or mentally. Physically not so much, I would say. But, mentally it definitely a ‘YES’ to say.

Now I understand how hard my parents work for us before this. To start up a business is really not an easy job, how much tears and sweats they had to bear with it along the journey. Life is all about journey, whole intention is to make you a better person. I just have to bear with that and I believe sunshine is just in front of me. Just be patient yeah, abc…

Thousands of thanks especially to my beloved man, it’s very easy to be in love in each other, however, to sustain it, it’s the most crucial part especially in a relationship. I will learn, grow along my way. love you.

- The Bee -


what’s does this DOA means?

Dead of Alive?

Yeah, well. This two term merely linked to each other. Hard to differentiate if you can’t overcome and be more positive in a way. Lately, I really faced with a lot of stresses, stresses come from everywhere. Most probably from me, who is so moody in a way that I always love to hurt the one that i loved most. That’s would be the bad the hit me so well.

Since from childhood time, I hurt my beloved mum a lot. I always did a lot of mistakes to make her so sad of me. That was my arrogant of not listening to her and always make her worry about me. How many times that she really cried because of me…. Yeah, mum, i am so sorry about what I had previously. and yet, you loved me so well. So well that I had flooded with so much love from you till now.

Time flies and now I had grown up to be a lady. I think it’s time for me to really change the inside me. Lately, I think my childhood temper started to hit me again while i faced with stress again. mum, if you were to see me now, i think you will know me so well. To you, I am just so sorry That I really hard to control myself. May be you are not that understand me enough to make a choice before. If you were given a choice, will you still take me? I think I shall give the choice to you, again.

Everyone faces stress and different people handle stress differently. I was so shocked my bad tempered just come out naturally. I aware of that and I really need to overcome that.

But still, you are given a choice…

Notes to my love one…

Dear Love,

Thank you for being so lovely for all this while. This significantly hit me especially when I was sick (was like trying to be sick all the time). That instant care to me seriously melt my heart.

A lot of time I was asking myself why am I choosing you, W.H.Y. ? It’s just 3 words, however it’s enough to generate a lot of thoughts in it. Do you ever ask a couple why?

The why should be come from the bottom of my heart and being answer subjectively by the FEEL. That’s sound so hard to understand yeah? I think it’s because of; I Love YOU.

Thank you for taking the courage to be with me.

Thank you for tolerance with me.

Thank you for giving your love to me.

Thank you for always being so patient to me.

Thank you for supporting me. (Especially in my career)

Thank you for being a good role player.

Thank you for serious about everything.

Thank you for your Heart.

And many many more…….

Well, let’s work hard together for our future.

P.S. I love You.



Istanbul – A beautiful Land

It’s such a long time I didn’t spend my time in blogging. Things had changed, life had changed, and now I am going to a new life which I chose to be.

Well, after coming back from this trip, that significantly ended my journey with you – my ex-company.

Thanks for my superior, my MD and all my lovely colleagues who had gone through with me over the two years, you guys are just amazing !

Istanbul, is my long awaited trip after the two years being a social club committee. And I should say, yes! I in love with you – Istanbul.


You are such a beautiful land with european and eatern culture.

You are beautiful with a Bophorus river that separate the two different culture; one side you can see a lot of beautiful landscape with the owned-mansion, the other side you can see a lot of big cruise with travellers relaxing on the cruise.

The blue mosque which I ever seen it in book, and that day I stepped my foot on it! The feelings are just amazing that I hardly describe. In time, I will just wish I can sleep over there for a night. ;)

One sad thing is that we failed to visit to Hagia Sophia which is a church previuosly and turned into a mosque in later year. It is closed on every Mondays. I can just blame that we came at the wrong moment, or I should appreciate that that makes a reason I should visit there some days. ;)

Apart from the european site, we also visited to the eatern site where there are places like, Ephesus, green mosque, thermal bath and so on…

The ‘blue mosque’ with lynnette…

It is special with 6 minarets. I was really excited when I was there ! I think to all architecture students, they will feel me ;)


This is how I look stupidly with the tudung. Rofl…

IMG_9007View to the bridge for the connection between europe and eatern country…


Thanks to our beloved tour guide of guiding us along the trip. I am amazed by his historical knowledge. Bravo, Ali ! Thank you!



I really enjoy in your country, Turkey. :)

- The BEE -





‘Most people do not listen with the intent to understand;

They listen with the intent to reply’         – Stephen R. Covey


This really catch my eyes, where I felt it’s kinda true and it’s even happen to me sometimes. Whenever people saying sometimes, may just replied by denying something especially, this is really not right where I should somehow avoid this to happen.


- The Bee -

Love is….


Too good to be truth? But, anyway, it’s kinda right.

I do love him. Just that…

Sometimes, I just cant control myself to angry myself a little more. I too used to think too much, which sometimes it’s won’t seem like good though. I am learning to create my own style of thinking.

Well, anyway, thanks for being so caring, loving, and patient to me. I sincerely feel in deep in my heart.

Cheers for everyday, everyone!

-The BEE-

Appreciate life


I just love this picture so much! It’s just so natural and felt in love with this picture 😍 like the background, like the ppl inside ….

Flower will not blossom at every season. Appreciate every single moment is crucial. Learning how to communicate is one of the process and I hope I could achieve the doctorate level or even more… 😉


‘I am a perfect one. I am trying my best to be a good one.’ Isn’t that good enough to add a point? Or you might have a better view on what’s this statement goes?

Everyone in life may experience different things. That’s nothing right or wrong due to that as long as you learn some lesson back from there and continue to move on. To my own principle, never regret what you have done. I am always holding this principle to carry on my own life and I think this is top good tMay I have a look on the soft copy before proceed further ?