‘Most people do not listen with the intent to understand;

They listen with the intent to reply’         – Stephen R. Covey


This really catch my eyes, where I felt it’s kinda true and it’s even happen to me sometimes. Whenever people saying sometimes, may just replied by denying something especially, this is really not right where I should somehow avoid this to happen.


- The Bee -

Love is….


Too good to be truth? But, anyway, it’s kinda right.

I do love him. Just that…

Sometimes, I just cant control myself to angry myself a little more. I too used to think too much, which sometimes it’s won’t seem like good though. I am learning to create my own style of thinking.

Well, anyway, thanks for being so caring, loving, and patient to me. I sincerely feel in deep in my heart.

Cheers for everyday, everyone!

-The BEE-

Appreciate life


I just love this picture so much! It’s just so natural and felt in love with this picture 😍 like the background, like the ppl inside ….

Flower will not blossom at every season. Appreciate every single moment is crucial. Learning how to communicate is one of the process and I hope I could achieve the doctorate level or even more… 😉


‘I am a perfect one. I am trying my best to be a good one.’ Isn’t that good enough to add a point? Or you might have a better view on what’s this statement goes?

Everyone in life may experience different things. That’s nothing right or wrong due to that as long as you learn some lesson back from there and continue to move on. To my own principle, never regret what you have done. I am always holding this principle to carry on my own life and I think this is top good tMay I have a look on the soft copy before proceed further ?

Do we look similar ?!


A lot of people are saying that we looks so much similar… 😍 do we?

Well, what do you expect couple who born on same year, same month and same date to be? We both born in just a merely few hours different. He born on 9am. I born on 9pm. So count, how many hours of difference… 😝

The flower and the bee relationship, how long could it sustain? To me, I hope it would be forever… ❤️

THe Bee