Chu 3 

Chinese new year supposedly to be a good times to spend with. 
OOh well, m pretty not happy. What the!!! Sometimes it’s really take time to understand each other and sometimes may be u think u understand the other party. But do u really that understand? Ovwrconfidence sometimes really make the condition even worse. I m really frustrated and sad towards this. It’s not the first time and I really don’t know how to solve. May God bless me and ya; be a happy me pls…. Pray for it. 


There’s always a lot of challenges to face between different stages in life. And I am moving forward to a different stage and I started to worry a lot of things. As financially going to be a huge change and since if I am single I also can’t really afford to myself. Things is really like a disaster to me. Being in that kind of situation. I am now ponder upon how to solve that problems. Family is contributed by both, however, I really don’t know how if both also financially insufficient.Sorry babe, mummy is thinking too much to Tey to avoid the real issue whixh need to be solved. I am so sorry for everything and well YOU!!! PLS! Be responsible to your own kids! Like what ur mum had been doing all this while, pls!!!!! 

I really wish to cry out loud if were to think of that. Be positive, be brave! 

Be tough to overcome what I had encounter. 

Be tough to prove that what I had do is correct ! 

No wonder won’t understand what you are doing unless you make it. 

So, keep moving ! 

lovely mum




Dear mum:


我真的想学你那样的精神。现在有了孩子 ,真的太害怕了。。。

妈妈,真的很爱 你,也谢谢你 !







Ponder upon… 

It’s such a long time I didn’t post anything in here. And yeah, different changes in life. I am married and now I am pregnant. 

Well, that’s pretty much  a big change. I was expected it to be a seriously great one. But i guess, reality pull me back. 

I am now facing the cruel of my real life where it’s really need a big step to face it. Only i can change it and keep it towards a great one. 

Cheers, abc!