My commitment of writing a blog being neglected for months, that’s procrastination. Well, yes, I am here again.

When I looked back what I wrote just now, was a bit touched and seeing the transformation in me in my behavior and some aspects. Good to see the changes. But, I am still yet to achieve my goal. (guess so need to day dream more) 😉

I am very grateful with what I have right now, with my families, my clients, and my friends. Thank you for support me all this while, and because of you, I grow up to be a better and stronger person.

Thank you.

– Bee –



Day 25: Winnie Lee

My baby girl is born! So much relief when saw her in front of my Chest right after deliver. Thanks baby Winnie didn’t let me suffered for so long for the second day induced. And if not I guess I am going for c section. Luckily you did listen to me while inside my tummy! Love you Winnie. 

It’s been day 25 since she’s arrived in this world. Everyone need to adjust ourselves in order to take care Winnie. Especially as parents we had to understand her pattern, observed whAt she needs so that we could give the appropriate to her. Being communicate to a baby who don’t know how to talk somehow is hard to me. Luckily somehow I felt my husband is quite supportive enough(though sometimes will talk sarcastically which I hardly accept). Thanks to him for the patience he got to replace my role when I m seriously tired. 

I chose to breastfeed and I know I had to take the consequences too. It’s really extremely tiring. But, I didn’t regret of what I chose as I saw her growing well and getting chubbier day by day. Needless to say, my dark circles and eyes bags are there ! What to do. That’s what a mum to sacrifice yeah? Those sacrifice is that really meaningful to anyone? But at least I know I am doing all this to my lovely girl. 

Few more days to end my confinement ! And yeah another steps forward; I am happy as I am going to have prison break; while at the same time things are stil unplanned and I don’t know how to proceed further on my work. Well, that’s too much doubt on my side which I had to clear and move forward to my goals. 

Let’s strive for my mum and beloved girl. Today is my mum birthday and I would like to thank her for so love this us all this while. Even now also never stop of the thinking of supporting us in whatever things especially financially. I m so blessed and pampered by you, mum! Thank you and love u more than you know! 😘❤️ 

My lovely Winnie 😍😋


Week 36

I am so glad and so appreciate for yours existence. Thanks for being there for me over the 9 months. There’s of coz a lot of up and downs. I am so sorry if I hurting you sometimes. But what I want to say to you is that I love you more than you know and I hope you can really feel it. 
This morning accidentally found out someone was still holding his old habit. It’s really hurting to know that. Once I was so touched that slowly the improvement is there, but it’s always hurt when see the things appear again. Probably it’s better not seeing that seeing. 😞 

Cheers for my day! 💪

Chu 3 

Chinese new year supposedly to be a good times to spend with. 
OOh well, m pretty not happy. What the!!! Sometimes it’s really take time to understand each other and sometimes may be u think u understand the other party. But do u really that understand? Ovwrconfidence sometimes really make the condition even worse. I m really frustrated and sad towards this. It’s not the first time and I really don’t know how to solve. May God bless me and ya; be a happy me pls…. Pray for it. 


There’s always a lot of challenges to face between different stages in life. And I am moving forward to a different stage and I started to worry a lot of things. As financially going to be a huge change and since if I am single I also can’t really afford to myself. Things is really like a disaster to me. Being in that kind of situation. I am now ponder upon how to solve that problems. Family is contributed by both, however, I really don’t know how if both also financially insufficient.Sorry babe, mummy is thinking too much to Tey to avoid the real issue whixh need to be solved. I am so sorry for everything and well YOU!!! PLS! Be responsible to your own kids! Like what ur mum had been doing all this while, pls!!!!! 

I really wish to cry out loud if were to think of that. Be positive, be brave! 

Be tough to overcome what I had encounter. 

Be tough to prove that what I had do is correct ! 

No wonder won’t understand what you are doing unless you make it. 

So, keep moving !