Thought of the day #002

Plan before do and do without hesitation.. Sometimes juSt too many hesitation that’s why things had been dragged for long. If you were asked me whether I like my job currently or not, what I can conclude is that I never regret of quitting my High bonus job at all. In fact I did very happy of my current life and just life is hard and that’s make me even tough to deal with it. Thanks for my partner for unconditional love love you to the max! 😘

Thought of the day #001

Life is really challenging. Every day meet people, see people, observe people…. Well there are a lot of people, with different character, different title, different mindset.. How do I cope with them? How do I tolerate with them… I notice a lot of people won’t be able to move out of their circle, and is it I am also the same? 
I really hope there’s always someone who understand what I feel and always speak the same language, though we don’t speak. Well, m trying to reject the function of communication! Well, communication is important but feeling is another things. 

#lifesgoeson #cheers life # people mindset #tolerance

AAghhh! What a bad day! 

Can’t you be responsible a bit? You are the one who suggest will follow up for me and in the end you were blaming me? I respected you but can’t you just be responsible on what you are saying? This world is just too sick and I was a bit sad towards it… 

Day after valentine, day before cny

First of all, I would like to wish everyone have a romantic and yet enjoyable valentine date. Yeah, well, there is some saying: everyday is a valentine for every couple; celebration doesn’t means to be on the day itself; I can always make something special for you. Well, right though. For every girl, I think their wish just to be care by someone, and even a small deed it’s enough to make them happy. Happy belated valentine!

3 days later, cny is coming. Can’t wait to go back home. I miss my family and friends. This time I can pay mahjong with them. Well, interesting and I can’t wait for it. Mandarin oranges, seeing people, seafood, activities…. Happy cny! Wish everyone have a good goat year!



Can I have the doraemon tools to go back to my childhood time ?

It’s rather happier than I can get anything from my parents.. I am just too pampered where life isn’t going as that way.. How much extra miles that I need to achieve? And that I hope I would have a better next generation..

If were to ponder, I am thinking in every point of life I were just too rush is doing something where is that really what u want ? But no one knows, just hope for the best..

Cheers !


Life goes on


Some people may think that I am thinking too much of my future of what so.. I just intend to have a family and my family would having a better future…

Who doesn’t want to spend time with people that they love and chilling around relaxing down there laying down and what so..

And now, I m choosing a life that I spend my lunch time with maggie which kinda blessed as still got hot water to just sort of ‘cook’ the maggie… That’s the life I chose and I will bear with whatever consequences.

Many people may fail to understand where am I come from. And one day I hope it’s all paid. Thanks to my family members who always support me unconditionally. In time, I wish to spent my time with you all which I hope it will happen pretty soon in future.. My end goals is that I could really brings a lot of blessing to my family. Money is not the most important thing in my goal but more to what money can bring my family goes… It still varies on different people with diff thought..

Cheers Ai bee !


I am so angry of my self of always keep hesitance.

You won’t take any credit out of this, abc!

What’s you doing gonna to run your life!

I know, I am always know this is the fact!

But what happen when i face with friend, I start to hesitate. What the.. am just hoping some angel come near to me and save me up. (you are better to keep in your own dream)

Where sometimes I really felt that I am those kind of dreaming to keep me proscasinate . In fact, from the bottom of my heart I just wish to do a sharing and that’s all. What’s that really troubled you?

‘The secret to success is to offend the greatest number of people!’

keep in mind!

arghhhh!!! help !