Mongolia ?

I don’t even know them in details..

Yesterday I bought tv for my new house. Mum doesn’t have much time to even bother what am I choosing. Instead, I chose all of them myself… Awhhh, such a bad daughter.. Well, it was never easy to make a decision on behalf. For me, I would prefer a discussion, discussion always is the best way to settle problem. I would like to share of a quote as below which indirectly to prove my theory.

Power is action; the electoral principle is discussion. No political action is possible when discussion is permanently established.      ~ Honore d Balzac ~

These few days really tied up with my family things. Worse still, I was bringing this trouble to my boy friend. We coupled until now, this is one of the routine that we did which is renovating the house, thinking and making decision of the house. In fact, that’s mainly my job as a daughter to do it for my mum and my family. I really don’t wish to involve him that much, but seems like reality don’t allow me to do so. So, I pulled him in to assist me. I am really sorry if bringing so many troubles to him. Kind of appreciate his great helps in assisting me, I felt touched.

After bought the tv, the receipt can redeem 2 images for free by using mangolia style. Awhhh! Interesting! We were having fun out of stress! A simple day, with extraordinary thing! Awh.. simple things can make my day! ❤

How am i look to dress up like mangolia? Am I look great! ❤




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